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BMO Economics Housing Report: Vancouver Housing Market Springs Back to Life (via MarketWired)

BMO Financial Group TSX : BMO NYSE : BMO December 05, 2013 12:15 ET BMO Economics Report "Tale of Four Cities" examines the state of Canada's four largest housing markets - Vancouver home sales vaulted 50 per cent from earlier lows to near normal levels…

Insiders' Tips: Buy/Sell Homes (House/Condo/Apartment) in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Vancouver is a dream city, she is among the top places in the world that are best for the property investment. We are providing an information hub about local real estate market, help you making a smart decision to buy a house or apartment, sell a home or condo, find a good realtor or agent, deal with mortgage, notary and inspection etc. We like to analyze and share some real tips and experience with buyers and sellers. Uniquely, we pick out the most valuable Vancouver house, townhouse and condo/apartment for sale everyday, and biggest size, cheapest homes as well.

Buy a home in Vancouver - Some Crucial Advice

Buying a home is indeed an exhaustive experience wherein a buyer has to be cautious as well as make the right decisions. If you are thinking of buying yourself a house in Vancouver, you'll have to make some very important calls. When you are to make tough decisions, you may feel the need of some good advice to help you. Here are some essential Vancouver buy house tips for you: More details...

Main reasons to buy homes in Vancouver

Vancouver is now listed as one among the best cities in the world for buying homes. This Canadian city is present in the west coast and has all amenities needed to mark its presence in all the charts describing the top places for home buyers to invest their money. The city is claimed to be one of the best Canadian cities and it is worth the claim, thanks to both nature and administrators in making the city the best place to live in. Infrastructure, health care, education and safety are some of the important factors that help the city in maintaining its posture. And that is why it is present in the top ten cities of Mercer Quality of Living Survey, for more than 10 years. More details...

Buy Vs. Rent: Housing in Vancouver

How to live happily in Vancouver? Buy an own house? Rent an apartment unit? Try considering the following facts which might help you in your decision making better. More details...

When is good time to buy a house in Vancouver

When you go out to buy a home in Vancouver just for your family and are unsure whether it is the right time, the short answer is that it does not matter. You need help from some indicators that can give you pointers when you are needing a home and you can afford it, thereby being an investor. More details...

How to find a good realtor (real  estate agent) in Vancouver

When you are buying a house or having a home for sale in Vancouver, you need to have a real estate agent so that your buying or selling process is not a hassle but an enjoyable and memorable experience. The Greater Vancouver area has around 8,000 realtors and there are more than 17,000 in BC province. Over 60% of Vancouver realtors will change careers within 5 years. It means not too many of them are good enough. Choosing a real estate agent is crucial for the success or failure of your homes buying or selling venture. A nice realtor must have a sympathetic ear to listen and understand your real needs, and he/she should be a seasoned market analyst and a tough negotiator to catch a good deal for clients. Furthermore, he or she also ought to be a flawless contract writer to protect you not to be hurt and prevent any potential damages or losses. Here, is my advice on how to pick a Vancouver real estate agent properly. More details...

People Love To Live In Vancouver: The Best Healthy City In Canada

Since 1990's, hundreds of thousands people have moved to Vancouver, from Canada East, America, Europe, and Asia. This wave has spurred real estate market booming for two decades. When investors analyse why this city's housing market can keep being hot for so long, why people would rather spend higher price to buy house in Vancouver, they always focus at classic marketing issues, however, ignore one special factor in Vancouver: the healthy life. More details...

How To Sell Homes Fast In Vancouver, BC, Canada

It is not easy to buy a desirable house in Vancouver. It is even more tough to get your home off the market at a desirable price and time, since there are thousands of Greater Vancouver houses and condos for sale every day. And being the go-between these two is not easy either. Therefore, we are giving you an insight on how must a home seller go about the entire exercising of selling a house of apartment/condo and being the one that helps facilitate this process along with all the duties, roles and expectations in brief. more details

Vancouver House Prices Trends and Factors

When we are planning to invest in real estate, the first thing we should consider may be the "Trends". No matter you are a big investor who is trying to develop a whole building in downtown, even an entire block's commercial project, or you are just a new comer who is saving and pinching to buy an entry level one bedroom condo unit, you have to face the same issue: after 3 years, 10 years, will your property's value appreciate or depreciate? I don't think anybody will be happy for the price going down after he has bought a home. Therefore, study and analyze the trends of house prices is very important and necessary for any home buyer and realty investor, especially in Vancouver, BC, Canada. More details

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